Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kentucky Overrated? Kansas a fluke? Disgusted Top 25.

Well folks, College Basketball is finally here. With most teams already 2-4 games into there season, we have already expieranced some of the greats fall. Grant the best of the best have competed in tournaments with other top teams. But as we did in our pre-season, there have been some changes in our first week thoughts.

Teams that have shown a bit of overrated?
#1 Kansas- This team is the number 1 team in the nation, but come on now. You let Hofstra come in and score 65 points in the phog and letting up there best player score 35 on you. Than you score only 57 points to Memphis, a team who lost four out of five starters on there sweet sixteen team last season and yet almost got shocked with letting up 55, to win by just two? Weak.

#4 Kentrucky- Wall this, Wall that, Wall is all. Is Kentucky really a top 5 team in the nation? If so, exactly how? Kentucky barely slips by Miami (Ohio) by who had a 18 point halftime lead on the cats who ended up winning off a John Wall backboard prayer by 2. Than playing at home, trailed a Sam Houston State team by 5 at the break and ended up pulling away to just win by 10. This team will have trouble in the SEC this season!

# 17 Oklahoma- The sooners arent for real. How are theses guys even ranked? Reminds me of Notre Dame, Doesnt matter who you lose or what you done the season before you get all the love. The sooners are 2-1 with a 11 point win over Louisiana Monroe after trailing by 3 at the break. Than getting thumped by a lousy VCU team by 13. You lose Blake Griffin, the man who done most of your scoring last season. You should not be ranked untill you can show who can step up, they obviously havnt done that yet.

Underrated teams we have seen so far?
Syracuse- Was they just messing with our heads when the media picked this team 6th in the Big East? No way! This team killed #13 California by 22 and the #4 team in the country North Carolina by 16. This team is on fire! Wouldnt be suprised one bit if this team was in the top 10-15 next week. Big East just may have seen the best team in the league this week.

Gonzaga- Here is a team who is 2-1. However there 2 wins have came by blowout wins and there only loss was to #2 Michigan State by 4, who actually had a lead by eight late in the game.

Week one Top 25.
1. Kansas
2. Texas
3. Michigan State
4. Villanova
5. Duke
6. Purdue
7. West Virginia
8. Conneticut
9. Butler
10. Washington
11. North Carolina
12. Tennesse
13. Kentucky
14. Michigan
15. Syracuse
16. Mississippi State
17. Georgia Tech
18. Oklahoma
19. Ohio State
20. California
21. Georgetown
22. Minnesota
23. Illinois
24. Oklahoma State
25. Missouri

With Thanksgiving coming up, here is your upcomig exciting games to watch
December 1st- #2 Michigan State @ #6 North Carolina
December 2nd- #23 Illinois @ # 22 Clemson
December 6th- #1 Kansas @ UCLA
December 19th- #6 North Carolina @ #3 Texas

Enjoy and have a safe and exciting holiday!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NCAA Basketball Pre-Season previews.

As a couple of teams have started there exibition debuts, there have been a couple of stumbles, thrillers, and excitment.

Some of the unimpressive scores.

#25 Syracuse Orangemen lost their second eibition game against Le Moyne is a stunning 82-79 loss.

#4 Kentucky Wildcats had a what-to-be ugly win Campbellsville with a 74-38 win. The defense looked pretty impressive, but the offense showed a bit weak. Grant, star John Wall did not play. But Pre-Season all american Patterson did not put up the impressive number Kentucky would like to see early finishing with only 4 points (2-7), 5 rebounds, 6 turnovers in 31 minutes.

Team's that looked fairly impressive in there debut.

#1 Kansas Jayhawks won there first game 107-68. Some people recall that a number 1 team shouldnt even allow 68 points to a lousy team in Exibition team, but the preseason all-americans did put up great numbers with Sherron Collins having 27 points and Cole Aldrich with 24. Also stud Freshman Xavier Henry finished with 20 points.

Teams that will still have an impact with the loss.

Memphis- This team lost about everyone one of there Sweet Sixteen team, but still are here to make a statemant that they are not gone and not forgotten.

Oklahoma- With the number 1 draft pick in Blake Griffin gone,they still return a stud sopomore in Willie Warren and Senior Tony Crocker to lead the way. The sooners should be just fine.

Team's that need to regain momentum.

Missouri- Losing Leo Lyons and 1st rounder Demarre Carroll is going to hurt. But in order for this team to stay in the tention of the Big 12 and keep fighting. The bench must come on and help leading role players in JT Tiller and Zaire Taylor.

Siena- With Kenny Hasbrouck gone, the saints must find somebody to step into his spot and fill the late, up-coming star in order to gain that respect that they had a year ago.

With still a lot of exibition games left to be played, we will continue to keep an eye on all of these teams and hope for better success or wish for the dominance of Division one teams to keep in roll.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Basketball season is here: Midwest best top 25!

The season is officially here! With teams kicking off their exibition games this week. Midwest Best is here to give you their Pre-Season top 25 and other considerings.

1. Kansas- Big 12
2. Texas- Big 12
3. Michigan State- Big 10
4. Villanova- Big East
5. North Carolina- ACC
6. Duke- ACC
7. Purdue- Big 10
8. West Virginia- Big East
9. Conneticut- Big East
10. Kentucky- SEC
11. Oklahoma- Big 12
12. Butler- Horizon
13. Washington- Pac 10
14. California- Pac 10
15. Tennesee- SEC
16. Michigan- Big 10
17. Ohio State- Big 10
18. Mississippi State- SEC
19. Georgia Tech- ACC
20. Syracuse- Big East
21. Georgetown- Big East
22. Minnisota- Big 10
23. UCLA- Pac 10
24. Illinois- Big 10
25. Oklahoma State- Big 12

ACC- 3
Big 12- 4
Big 10- 6
Pac 10- 3
SEC- 2
Big East- 6
Horizon- 1

Big East and the Big 10, Should have a great year.

Other Considering- Dayton, Maryland, Missouri, Vanderbilt, Siena.