Monday, December 28, 2009

Missouri gets the monkey off its back and shocks the Illini by 13.

As the buzzer went off to end the first half the tigers headed to the locker room with a seven point 41-34 lead over the winners of nine straight in the series Illinois Illini. There was one question and hope that tiger fans had, could the tigers hold on and knock the illini off? Now is where it gets interesting.

Missouri (9-3) never looked back. The Tigers opened the second half not exactly the way they left off in the first half. Missouri let the Illini cut the lead back to four but than pulled away and finally pulled off the win by shocking the Illini with a thirteen 81-68 win.

Freshman Rookie of the Week Mike Dixon, wait what is a Freshman? Is Dixon really a freshman? Sophomore? Junior? He has got to be a senior, isnt he? He sure is a Freshman, but with a ill Zaire Taylor on the bench and J.T Tiller sluggish comng back from his one game suspension this freshman animal played like a senior and made a lot of Missouri fans proud with his career high sixteen points and anxious to see what he will be in a couple years. Sophomore Big twelve player of the week added in twenty six.

The Tigers surprised just about everybody with a 13-point win over Illinois last week. Was the win a turning point for this team or simply a blip on the radar? Not to take the win away from Missouri fans, but this is not the same Illini team that the tigers have seen over the last nine losses. In fact, this is so far the worst start for the illini in 20 years. But even a win over a winless Illinois team would make Missouri fans proud after the last showing against Illinois in the decade. So Missouri must win against remaining non-confrence division one foe Georgia and must win their confrence opener at home against number ten Kansas State in order to gain more respect. After the illini win and a struggling win against Austin Peay the tigers have no votes in the top twenty five. The minute Missouri lost to Richmond they dropped from getting votes and the loss to Vanderbilt and Oral Roberts sure didnt help. So again, dont expect Missouri to get many votes or smell the top twenty five unless Missouri can win out and beat Kansas State.

Missouri has a very tough, if not the toughest Big twelve start in confrence. Opens at home against number ten Kansas State, than will travle back to back games at number twenty two Texas Tech and pre-season ranked Oklahoma is has also been struggling. Bad thing is, unfortunatly the tigers will be underdogs in all three games. An 0-3 start would probably erase all attention and hopes of and NCAA bid. So it's real important that Missouri wins two of the three if not all three.

Missouri is in a rebulding year, but have got to understand that they cannot give up the season yet. With the Illinois win, go out and show the nation that the win was not a fluke and give the confrence a fit. With Mike Anderson's style, do not ever count out the Tigers for winning the Big 12 title again, or even making the Elite Eight again. You never know what your going to get with his style. If the tigers can play up to their style potential, there is no way that Missouri shouldnt make the dance or even win the confrence. It's playing up to their potential is what Missouri has to do.

So Missouri fans, Merry Christmas with the Illinois win. But remember it's not over yet. The confrence opens Next saturday and its a must that the tigers need to be ready for a hot and hungry Kansas State team. Missouri has won the last three home meetings against Kansas State, and one that most Missouri fans remember was in 2008 when the number seventeen team rolled into Columbia with one of the nations best Michael Beasley and sent the wildcats back to manhatten with a loss.

Can the tigers keep it's hopes up?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy holidays from Midwest Best!

As christmas just a couple days and week away, and the new year approaching. Midwest thought that it would be fun to view some of the exciting games over the years of 2000-2009. Also some of the memorable players over the years.

If you have some that have been missing, feel free to comment on the post!

Just some of the players over the past to remember that have played during the 2000's-2009's that we think to have respect over their career.
Nick Collison (Kansas)
Kirk Hinrich (Kansas)
Jay Williams (Duke)
J.J Redick (Duke)
Dee Brown (Illinois)
Hollis Price (Oklahoma)
Blake Griffin (Oklahoma)
Tyler Hansbrough (UNC)
Acie Law (Tex A&M)
Kevin Durrant (Texas)
A.J Abrams (Texas)
Joakihme Noah (Florida)

Just some of the most memorable games over the 2000-2009 years.

Mario Chalmers his a game tieing three in the 2007-08 National title game to send it to overtime and wins it.

Syracuse vs Conneticut 7 overtimes.

Oklahoma States Mario Boggans's game winning shot against Texas in 3rd overtime.

Mike Conley Jr. hits game winning shot for #1 Ohio State against #2 Wisconsin in 2007.

Zair Taylor hits game winning shot for Missouri against Kansas in 2009.

Freshman John Wall hits game winning shot to prevail in a close game against Miami (Oh)

Illinois come back from 23 down and beats ranked Clemson

Some exciting upcoming games-
December, 19th- #10 North Carolina at #2 Texas
# 15 Gonzaga vs #7 Duke- Madison Square Garden, New Yourk, New Yourk.
# 16 Texas Tech at Witchita State
December, 22nd- #12 Michigan State at #2 Texas
# 23 Texas A&M at #24 Washington

December, 23rd- #20 Mississippi at #6 West Viginia
Missouri vs Illinois- Busch Braggin Rights, Saint Louis, Missouri

December, 26th- # 6 West Virginis at Seton Hall

December, 29th- #16 Texas Tech at #19 New Mexico

December, 30th- #14 Connetticut at #25 Cincinnatti

Decmber, 31st- #9 Tennesse at Memphis

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kentucky Overrated? Kansas a fluke? Disgusted Top 25.

Well folks, College Basketball is finally here. With most teams already 2-4 games into there season, we have already expieranced some of the greats fall. Grant the best of the best have competed in tournaments with other top teams. But as we did in our pre-season, there have been some changes in our first week thoughts.

Teams that have shown a bit of overrated?
#1 Kansas- This team is the number 1 team in the nation, but come on now. You let Hofstra come in and score 65 points in the phog and letting up there best player score 35 on you. Than you score only 57 points to Memphis, a team who lost four out of five starters on there sweet sixteen team last season and yet almost got shocked with letting up 55, to win by just two? Weak.

#4 Kentrucky- Wall this, Wall that, Wall is all. Is Kentucky really a top 5 team in the nation? If so, exactly how? Kentucky barely slips by Miami (Ohio) by who had a 18 point halftime lead on the cats who ended up winning off a John Wall backboard prayer by 2. Than playing at home, trailed a Sam Houston State team by 5 at the break and ended up pulling away to just win by 10. This team will have trouble in the SEC this season!

# 17 Oklahoma- The sooners arent for real. How are theses guys even ranked? Reminds me of Notre Dame, Doesnt matter who you lose or what you done the season before you get all the love. The sooners are 2-1 with a 11 point win over Louisiana Monroe after trailing by 3 at the break. Than getting thumped by a lousy VCU team by 13. You lose Blake Griffin, the man who done most of your scoring last season. You should not be ranked untill you can show who can step up, they obviously havnt done that yet.

Underrated teams we have seen so far?
Syracuse- Was they just messing with our heads when the media picked this team 6th in the Big East? No way! This team killed #13 California by 22 and the #4 team in the country North Carolina by 16. This team is on fire! Wouldnt be suprised one bit if this team was in the top 10-15 next week. Big East just may have seen the best team in the league this week.

Gonzaga- Here is a team who is 2-1. However there 2 wins have came by blowout wins and there only loss was to #2 Michigan State by 4, who actually had a lead by eight late in the game.

Week one Top 25.
1. Kansas
2. Texas
3. Michigan State
4. Villanova
5. Duke
6. Purdue
7. West Virginia
8. Conneticut
9. Butler
10. Washington
11. North Carolina
12. Tennesse
13. Kentucky
14. Michigan
15. Syracuse
16. Mississippi State
17. Georgia Tech
18. Oklahoma
19. Ohio State
20. California
21. Georgetown
22. Minnesota
23. Illinois
24. Oklahoma State
25. Missouri

With Thanksgiving coming up, here is your upcomig exciting games to watch
December 1st- #2 Michigan State @ #6 North Carolina
December 2nd- #23 Illinois @ # 22 Clemson
December 6th- #1 Kansas @ UCLA
December 19th- #6 North Carolina @ #3 Texas

Enjoy and have a safe and exciting holiday!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NCAA Basketball Pre-Season previews.

As a couple of teams have started there exibition debuts, there have been a couple of stumbles, thrillers, and excitment.

Some of the unimpressive scores.

#25 Syracuse Orangemen lost their second eibition game against Le Moyne is a stunning 82-79 loss.

#4 Kentucky Wildcats had a what-to-be ugly win Campbellsville with a 74-38 win. The defense looked pretty impressive, but the offense showed a bit weak. Grant, star John Wall did not play. But Pre-Season all american Patterson did not put up the impressive number Kentucky would like to see early finishing with only 4 points (2-7), 5 rebounds, 6 turnovers in 31 minutes.

Team's that looked fairly impressive in there debut.

#1 Kansas Jayhawks won there first game 107-68. Some people recall that a number 1 team shouldnt even allow 68 points to a lousy team in Exibition team, but the preseason all-americans did put up great numbers with Sherron Collins having 27 points and Cole Aldrich with 24. Also stud Freshman Xavier Henry finished with 20 points.

Teams that will still have an impact with the loss.

Memphis- This team lost about everyone one of there Sweet Sixteen team, but still are here to make a statemant that they are not gone and not forgotten.

Oklahoma- With the number 1 draft pick in Blake Griffin gone,they still return a stud sopomore in Willie Warren and Senior Tony Crocker to lead the way. The sooners should be just fine.

Team's that need to regain momentum.

Missouri- Losing Leo Lyons and 1st rounder Demarre Carroll is going to hurt. But in order for this team to stay in the tention of the Big 12 and keep fighting. The bench must come on and help leading role players in JT Tiller and Zaire Taylor.

Siena- With Kenny Hasbrouck gone, the saints must find somebody to step into his spot and fill the late, up-coming star in order to gain that respect that they had a year ago.

With still a lot of exibition games left to be played, we will continue to keep an eye on all of these teams and hope for better success or wish for the dominance of Division one teams to keep in roll.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Basketball season is here: Midwest best top 25!

The season is officially here! With teams kicking off their exibition games this week. Midwest Best is here to give you their Pre-Season top 25 and other considerings.

1. Kansas- Big 12
2. Texas- Big 12
3. Michigan State- Big 10
4. Villanova- Big East
5. North Carolina- ACC
6. Duke- ACC
7. Purdue- Big 10
8. West Virginia- Big East
9. Conneticut- Big East
10. Kentucky- SEC
11. Oklahoma- Big 12
12. Butler- Horizon
13. Washington- Pac 10
14. California- Pac 10
15. Tennesee- SEC
16. Michigan- Big 10
17. Ohio State- Big 10
18. Mississippi State- SEC
19. Georgia Tech- ACC
20. Syracuse- Big East
21. Georgetown- Big East
22. Minnisota- Big 10
23. UCLA- Pac 10
24. Illinois- Big 10
25. Oklahoma State- Big 12

ACC- 3
Big 12- 4
Big 10- 6
Pac 10- 3
SEC- 2
Big East- 6
Horizon- 1

Big East and the Big 10, Should have a great year.

Other Considering- Dayton, Maryland, Missouri, Vanderbilt, Siena.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Time to prove. Missouri Basketball opens practice Friday. Picked 7th in Big 12 again.

Just about a year ago from now the Missouri basketball team was preparing for the 2008-2009 season. Looking at the 2008-2009 preseason Big 12 coaches poll, Mike Anderson and crew stared down at the long list of twelve teams noticing that the team was picked seventh in the conference. Now quite the spot they were wanting to be picked. Also just a year ago, hard to believe now but Mike Anderson was one of the top coaches in the nation on the hot seat. But that all changed when the tigers racked up a school's best record in history with a 31-7 and a Big 12 tournament championship and a trip to the Elite eight. That quickly turned Anderson to one of the hottest coaches in the nation to coach a team. But was last year a fluke of Anderson proving that his system was kicking in and was just the beginning of his great career? Or will he just go back to his usual self and lead this team to the cellur of the Big 12 like he did his first three seasons? What he does this year, is how we will find out. Now is where the story begins.

Walking into the Big 12 media day on Wednesday, he notice something that he has seen before. He heard some of the things that he has heard before. The tigers were ranked by the Big 12 coaches for the second consecutive year to finish seventh in the Big 12. Which is very understandable losing three of there top scorers in Demarie Carroll, Leo Lyons and sharp-shooter Matt Lawrence. But a lot of fans doesn't think that will matter returning stud guards J.T Tiller and Zaire Taylor a long with the heart and soule of the team Kimmie English.

If you look very closely to the box score last season against UCONN in the Elite Eight, the bench came alive sending a message to tiger faithful that they had something coming for this season had if they lost. Justin Safford came off the bench and scored ten points, Keith Ramsey came in and scored nine. Right there gives you nineteen easy points. Than you got Sophomore Kimmi English who scored thirteen off the bench against firs round exit Cornell. This team still has depth and the tigers are not afraid of what the coaches and fans from other schools are saying about them. They are just ready to prove it again.

Forward Kimmie English shows his fearless emotions is the media day conference marking a quote that was once said by the great Derrick Chevious "The table's been set, now lets eat.

As for Anderson, he know's that this team is full of surprises for this season. You can't just be picked seventh in the conference and finish third by luck. That's a four spot huge move. If the tigers finished third last season and is expected to finish seventh, that would make a record for the largest move by a Big 12 team from finishing the season to beginning another season ranked back. I say they finish around fifth.

One thing is true. This tiger team is no 2004-2005, 2005-2006 kind of team. They don't enter the preseason as a nobody or a team that was expected a ten win season at best. Columbia is no longer a town of dead tigers. This is no Quin Snyder team. This is Mike Anderson's zou. After last year's success, everybody knows who Missouri is and every fan of another school will be saying "Oh man, We will be lucky to walk out of Columbia with a win." They are now the Missouri Tigers.

This year, they will have to prove that Missouri and Mike Anderson is here to stay and prove they are not a one and done.

So the final question comes down to be wondered, Were they a one hit wonder? Or are they for real? Its time to prove.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mizzou Outlook. 40 days away untill exibition.

Well the football season is underway and that means that basketball season is just right around the corner and when you hear that, most people just starts going crazy and the blood starts pumping. Oh the roar of the indoor crowd, or the sounds of their shoes on the hard wood court. Or the sound of Dick Vitale on a cold Monday night.

In this post you will be reading about the Missouri Basketball preview. Just after the impressive 31-7, 18-0 home court dominance, Big 12 Championship, and Elite Eight appearance season. Mike Anderson is eager to repeat that. But it will most liekly not be this season. Just 40 days away from today that Missouri opens there Arena doors to exibition play against Truman State.

Just a couple weeks ago, Mike Anderson landed his dream recruiting man in 5'8 4 star by Rivals Phil Pressey for the 2010-2011. Phil's father paul was a roommate to Mike Anderson in college and went hard after phil right when he entered the ninth grade.

Another recruit for the next season is 6'5 Foward high flying Ricky Kreklow. Both Kreklow's parents work for the University of Missouri. Kreklow who averaged 19.5 as a Junior for Rock Bridge who ranked number 1 in the State of Missouri in all class at his position and had a career high of 29 Points.

In the 2008-2009 team, this tiger team had incrediable depth that not many teams could keep up with. Expect the same this year from the guard play.

J.T Tiller who was the Co-Defender of the year for the Big 12 and a 2009-2010 national defender of the year all-american will team up with sidekick, Zaire Taylor and boy do these men know how to run. The two combined together 14 points and 6 steals a game. The depth is strong. For fresh legs the names of Marcus Denmon, and Mike Dixon will be called on.

At the foward spots, will also have depth. You will see a very much improved by seasons end Justin Safford and Sopomore threat Kimmie English. Freshman Tyler Stone will get his number called on quite a bit.

For the center. Projected starter Keith Ramsey will have to do his best and give it all he's got to play the center position against guys like Dexter Pittman and Cole Aldrich in the Big 12. Lawrence Bowers, will get a bunch of playing time. Bowers who was the leading bench scorer last season. Much improved and stronger Steve Moore has said to improve majorly on the jump shot. So look for Moore to come on the court late in games and add in a few extra points.

Projected Starters.
G. J.T Tiller SR
G. Zaire Taylor SR
F. Kimmie English SO
F. Justin Saffors JR
F. Keith Ramsey SR

For this year Missouri has a pretty comfortable non-confrence schedule. Missouri should go a perfect four wins and no losses going into the invitational championship game who will most likely play Texas. Than Missouri must travle to Oregon with a meeting with the Ducks which should be a win to improve to 7-1. Than the tigers will have three more wins before entering the Illnois game. 9-1 Should be a nice record before the date with Illinois. We have Missouri struggling and falling to the Illini once again this season. Missouri will be ranked around 19 entering confrence play.

22-9 (9-7)..Ranked a couple times in the season than the tigers will drop out and end the season unranked. The tigers will once again have a great chance at playing Texas in the Invitational Finals.Missouri will mess it up in Waco and walk out with a Loss. Also Missouri gets a heartbreaker against Okie State just like two years ago.Missouri will lose to Kansas both times. Should lose to Kansas State in Manhatten. Will most likely lose to a strong Texas team in Columbia and in norman with the Sooners. All in All a decent season will come for the tigers after losing there 3 key players. Tigers finish 6th in the confrence. Missouri will earn a 9 Seed in the NCAA tournament.

Mike Anderson who, recieved an extension and his posse Melvin Watkins and Matt Zimmerman will battle hard all season to keep this tiger team in reaching their goals. Bottom line is the tigers have some low expectations going around with the media. The Tigers also had low expectations last year. Turned out decent didn't it? I Can't remember.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Midwest Best early look at the Big 12 Basketball predictions

The 2009 college football season is just a little under a month away, and you know what that means? College basketball is only a couple months away. Thats right, When november comes rolling around people start buzzing about who's going too do what in basketball this upcoming 2009-2010 season. But there is really only on confrence that you fans around the country need to worry about. Thats the high style, power confrence the Big 12!

So this is about the time too start wondering what the confrence outlook will be like. So everyone, Here are your 2009-2010 Big 12 Confrence predicting standing. Counting down.

12. Texas Tech- With the loss of leading scorers Alan Voskuil and Michael Prince, The red raiders will have too fight just to win a couple games in the big 12 only returning two starters.

11. Colorado- Wow. This team is still really young. Look for them too make a little noise in the non-confrence but just wont have enough juice to power there way into the top 10 in the Big 12. Look for this team too expload in a couple years.

10. Nebraska- With the transfer of cookie miller and the graduate of leading scorer Ade Dagunduro and Paul Velander. This team will have troubles on getting some key wins that they need.

9. Baylor- With there leading scorers Henry Dugat and Curtis Jerrels gone, Baylor still returns some serious scorers in Quincy Ace and Tweety Carter, But can the two put some points up enough for baylor too make some noise?

8. Texas A&M- This team should be a middle of the pack team for this year and should fight there way into the NCAA Tournament. How will this team react after losing there top player and 3 pt school record shooter Josh Carter?

7. Iowa State- Finally should this team make the Big dance and are finally back! Yes Iowa State fans, be happy. With Craig Brackens deciding too make a return and a few young stars. This team will be a suprise.

6. Oklahoma State- A lot of people say that this team should be in the top five. But im not buying to high. With James Anderson returning, That will be a huge help. But also losing Byron Eaton and Tyrell Harris at the same time will keep them from reaching the top five. Yes, they will battle it out the whole year.

5. Missouri- Losing Demarre Carroll and Leo Lyons will hurt. But with a strong return from J.T Tiller and Zaire Taylor and a young bench, look for Missouri too once again suprise some folks.

4. Kansas State- This team shocked a lot of people last year after losing star Michael Beasley and could shock a lot more this year. With five star stud walley judge and Clemons returning, This team could make a huge run in the Big 12 this season.

3. Oklahoma- With the loss of Blake Griffin and his sidekick Taylor Griffin this team may not have all the success they did last season, but they will be back with Willie Warren running the team.

2. Texas- With big boy Damien James returing and Dexter Pittman, this team could very well give Kansas all they can handle and make a run for that number one spot, oh and did I forget too mention the PG transfer in Jai Lucas? Yeah, watch this team compete.


1. Kansas- Another big WOW. Are you kidding me? Can this team be beat this year? With Sherron Collins and Cole aldrich returning, No way this team cant take home yet another Big 12 Season Championship and win the Big 12 tournament. They may even be to good for any team out there to stop them from winning there second National Title for there second year in three years!

Well, there you have it. Midwest Best 2009-2010 Big 12 Predictions!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Big 12 Football Preseason All Big 12 Announced.

Offensive Player of the Year-QB Sam Bradford Oklahoma
Defensive Player of the Year-DT Ndamukon Suh Nebraska
Newcomer of the Year-DT Phil Taylor Baylor

QB - Sam Bradford Oklahoma
RB - DeMarco Murray Oklahoma
RB - Kendall Hunter Oklahoma State
WR - Dez Bryant Oklahoma State
WR - Dezmon Bricoe Kansas
TE - Jermaine Gresham OklahomaOL - Trent Williams Oklahoma
OL - Russel Okung Oklahoma State
OL - Adam Ulatoski Texas
OL - Brandon Carter Texas Tech
KR - Perrish Cox Oklahoma State

DL - Ndamukong Suh Nebraska
DL - Gerald McCoy OklahomaDL - Jeremy Beal Oklahoma
DL - Sergio Kindle Texas
LB - Travis Lewis OklahomaLB - Joe Pawelek Baylor
LB - Sean Weatherspoon Missouri
DB - Dominique Franks Oklahoma
DB - Earl Thomas TexasDB - Jorden Lake Baylor
DB - Darrell Stuckey Kansas
P - Derek Epperson Baylor
PR - Dez Bryant Oklahoma State

It was a very close race between Nebraska Ndamukong Suh and Missouri Sean Weatherspoon. Weatherspoon who is returning to Missouri for his senior year, Is if not the best than one of the best linebackers in the country.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Big 12 North Preview. Who's is it too take?

The 2009-2010 College Football Season is just a couple months away and there have been some arguing and discussion on who will win the Big 12 North? Will it be Kansas, Nebraska, or Missouri? Wait, Or Colorado? Thats right, The north seems to look like it will be tight and close. So Who has the edge?

Kansas: With the Heisman talks of Quarterback Todd Reesing, Missouri Killer Wide Reciever Kerry Meier, and speedy Dezmon Briscoe returning the Jayhawks looks too have the best duo and hook-ups in the Big 12 North. The Defense lloks too be strong, But will have too show a lot in Non Confrence too be able to tell. The Offense looks too be very powerfull. So if the Defense can hold up, Look for Kansas too win the North title and make there first ever Big 12 Championship appearance.

Nebraska: A lot of people doesnt even know where too start when they hear that Nebraska actually has a shot at the Big 12 North. Why? Just like Missouri, They have a new Quarterback in Zac Lee but dont let that fool you. Just like the good ole saying "Defense wins Championships" that saying could very well go good for Nebraska, In fact Nebraska could be returning a defense that could possibly be called one of the best in the Big 12 itself. If Ndamukong Suh can put up numbers like he is capable of doing, He will see his name rise up in the NFL 2010 Mock Draft and could see his team rise up too the top and take the Big 12 North.

Missouri: Just like you read for Nebraska, Missouri will also have a new quarterback in Blaine Gabbert, Dont let his numbers get you excited yet. Yes, He is a 5 Star and a good quarterback that Missouri has not gotten yet. But, The worst case scenario is Gabbert struggles and the young receivers can't make plays or get open. Look for Derrick Washington too expload and Denario Alexander too race his way into the Heisman race. The Offense looks like it can put up some big numbers this year. But, The defense is what should worry Missouri fans, Superstar Sean Weatherspoon looks too lead the way along with Cornerback Carl Gettis. If Missouri can put them big number up on offense and protect them numbers on defense, Than watch out for Missouri too sneak up and win the Big 12 North.

So there you have it the Big 12 North preview. So who is likely to win it?