Monday, August 10, 2009

Midwest Best early look at the Big 12 Basketball predictions

The 2009 college football season is just a little under a month away, and you know what that means? College basketball is only a couple months away. Thats right, When november comes rolling around people start buzzing about who's going too do what in basketball this upcoming 2009-2010 season. But there is really only on confrence that you fans around the country need to worry about. Thats the high style, power confrence the Big 12!

So this is about the time too start wondering what the confrence outlook will be like. So everyone, Here are your 2009-2010 Big 12 Confrence predicting standing. Counting down.

12. Texas Tech- With the loss of leading scorers Alan Voskuil and Michael Prince, The red raiders will have too fight just to win a couple games in the big 12 only returning two starters.

11. Colorado- Wow. This team is still really young. Look for them too make a little noise in the non-confrence but just wont have enough juice to power there way into the top 10 in the Big 12. Look for this team too expload in a couple years.

10. Nebraska- With the transfer of cookie miller and the graduate of leading scorer Ade Dagunduro and Paul Velander. This team will have troubles on getting some key wins that they need.

9. Baylor- With there leading scorers Henry Dugat and Curtis Jerrels gone, Baylor still returns some serious scorers in Quincy Ace and Tweety Carter, But can the two put some points up enough for baylor too make some noise?

8. Texas A&M- This team should be a middle of the pack team for this year and should fight there way into the NCAA Tournament. How will this team react after losing there top player and 3 pt school record shooter Josh Carter?

7. Iowa State- Finally should this team make the Big dance and are finally back! Yes Iowa State fans, be happy. With Craig Brackens deciding too make a return and a few young stars. This team will be a suprise.

6. Oklahoma State- A lot of people say that this team should be in the top five. But im not buying to high. With James Anderson returning, That will be a huge help. But also losing Byron Eaton and Tyrell Harris at the same time will keep them from reaching the top five. Yes, they will battle it out the whole year.

5. Missouri- Losing Demarre Carroll and Leo Lyons will hurt. But with a strong return from J.T Tiller and Zaire Taylor and a young bench, look for Missouri too once again suprise some folks.

4. Kansas State- This team shocked a lot of people last year after losing star Michael Beasley and could shock a lot more this year. With five star stud walley judge and Clemons returning, This team could make a huge run in the Big 12 this season.

3. Oklahoma- With the loss of Blake Griffin and his sidekick Taylor Griffin this team may not have all the success they did last season, but they will be back with Willie Warren running the team.

2. Texas- With big boy Damien James returing and Dexter Pittman, this team could very well give Kansas all they can handle and make a run for that number one spot, oh and did I forget too mention the PG transfer in Jai Lucas? Yeah, watch this team compete.


1. Kansas- Another big WOW. Are you kidding me? Can this team be beat this year? With Sherron Collins and Cole aldrich returning, No way this team cant take home yet another Big 12 Season Championship and win the Big 12 tournament. They may even be to good for any team out there to stop them from winning there second National Title for there second year in three years!

Well, there you have it. Midwest Best 2009-2010 Big 12 Predictions!

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