Thursday, June 10, 2010

Big Ten, Here comes Missouri! Or not?

All along we knew that the Big twelve was coming down in flames. We knew where some teams were going or maybe heading. But who started this whole mess and talk? Nebraska and Missouri. First, it started out with rumors. Than the talk began to progress into something special and something fishy.

Late in the 2009 football season, the talk of moving to the big ten was back at it again. It is not the first time. Missouri and fans claimed that they wanted a change in sports due to the lack of respect the committee has shown. For example: In 2007, The Kansas Jayhawks were selected to go on and play in the Orange Bowl against Virginia Tech when Missouri beat them head to head in the last game of the season and went on to play Oklahoma in the Big twelve Championship. Another example Missouri fans were discussed with was in 2008 when the Nebraska Cornhuskers (8-4) was selected to play Arizona State in the Holiday bowl over Missouri (9-4) who beat Nebraska head to head in the regular season and went onto once again play Oklahoma in the Big twelve championship game. Things like that you must consider.

Another reason might for a change is for the academics. Statistics shows that no team in the Big Ten has recently failed a grade to be ineligible. Climbing in at one of the best academic conferences. Where in the Big Twelve you have Iowa State, and Colorado who just got thrown on probation for having low grades over the year.

Well things went on, Rumors went on. Until last week the Big Twelve gave Missouri and Nebraska till June, 11Th to make their decision on weather they're going to the Big Ten or staying in the Big Twelve. On Wednesday, Nebraska became the first volunteer and accepted the invite from the Big Ten.

The next process and talk everybody was waiting for was if Missouri would follow and join. However on Thursday, The Big Ten told reports that they had never gave Missouri an invitation to join the Big 10. Had if Missouri was just fooling all along? A writer in the Kansas City Star said Missouri told everybody that they had an invite an was talking about going was to get attention and scare the Big Twelve.

So what will happen to the mighty tigers if the Big Twelve really does go down to the bottom? With Nebraska in the Big Ten. Colorado who bolted to the PAC Ten on Thursday. Also the PAC Ten wants six other Big Twelve schools. According to ESPN, Kansas might be getting an offer from the ACC or Big East and Kansas State could be getting an offer from The Big East. Other talk has been maybe should the pieces that's left of the Big Twelve try adding on? If so could we see BYU, Houston, Memphis join? If not where would the tigers go? Would they go independent or join a conference? According to Gary Forsee who is the presidents, he wouldn't mid seeing Missouri stay. Gary Forsee president of the University of Missouri education system, stated forcefully late Thursday afternoon that he feels no need to pledge that Missouri will not leave the Big 12 Conference.

Also in a press conference earlier today Dan Beebe, the Big Twelve commissioner was quoted as saying "working tirelessly to retain the viability of the Big 12". So as it looks, Missouri may either be staying in a to hope rebuilding conference or try to find an open conference. Time will only tell.

After recent news, rumors are swaying that perhaps Missouri may get an invite to play in the Missouri Valley Conference or the Conference USA.

No matter where the tigers head, it will still be worth it. They will still be the team they were in the Big Twelve. The same athletic hostile and an even smarter university.