Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What the Haith is going on in Columbia?

About a month ago Missouri fans were frustrated and disappointed about the departer of head coach Mike Anderson to Arkansas. A couple weeks ago when Missouri hired former Miami coach Frank Haith, Missouri fans were asking, will their ever be a Missouri basketball program again?

If you havnt been paying attention too the latest media. You probably should start.

Last week Haith hired probably one of the best young recruiting coaches in America Tim Fuller. Since then, Haith has been busting his rear and been all over. Yesterday Frank Haith got a call from 5 star 7 foot forward Tony Woods who commited to Wake Forrest in 2008 as the #5 player to come out of High school but decided to transfer to Louisville when Tim Fuller left. Now sources are stating that Woods might possibly be heading to Columbia to play for Missouri. If that’s the case, by NCAA rule he would have to finish his career at Missouri and since he has already sat out one year for transferring he would be allowed to play right away for Missouri.

The former five-star recruit chose the Cards based largely on his relationship with Fuller. With the aforementioned assistant now holding down a job at Missouri, Woods' next move is apparently completely up in the air.

Today Haith offered 6’11 big man Ajai an offer who was formally recruited by haith at Miami and now considering high on Missouri. Although he is only a 3 star,This pick-up would be a good start off point for Haith. In a news confrence a week ago Haith said his MAIN thing was to get a big guy. Depending on what you read, it has him as a 6'9 to 6'11. Not many big men around much anymore. Fuller works with big men (see woods) and hes a great recruiter so I believe he can turn him into a good basketball player at Missouri. Haith is proving that he is giving all he can to turn Missouri into a National powerhouse and to think Missouri could get BETTER as what they have been next year to a couple if they play the cards right.

Frank Haith and Tim Fuller also went down the road to Raytown to visit with 5 star guard Ismail Wainright who is currently the #8 player in the class of 2013. He was formally recruited by Mike Anderson, but says he has no intentions on visiting UA and is a die hard Missouri fan. The main thing Haith needs to do is keep players in the state of Missouri and Ishmail Wainright must really want to play in the state! Mike Anderson was after him...He talked with Haith and Fuller and has reportedly been offered by Mizzou. He said he really like Mizzou. Tells you something when a coach that was recruiting you left the school but the player STILL wants to talk and look at missouri! 2013 is also the same class that the #1 recruit is considering Missouri and Frank Haiths squad.

Missouri junior forward Kim English tweeted today, Frank Haith is about to shock everyone in a couple days and you all will be eating some crow when it comes to Frank. He's about to sign some top notch players! Won't be long before it's announced, unless they want to wait until May 18th at the late signing period. Mizzou fans will be happy! Miami Athletic Director Mike Timmons told ESPN that Haith will surprise a lot of Missouri fans, because what people don’t relize that he coached at Miami, a school that basketball players ask where is that? When recruited. Columbia, is different.

Missouri is called the “show me state” and its well proven that Frank Haith is showing Missouri fans he is out to clean up business.