Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Big 12 North Preview. Who's is it too take?

The 2009-2010 College Football Season is just a couple months away and there have been some arguing and discussion on who will win the Big 12 North? Will it be Kansas, Nebraska, or Missouri? Wait, Or Colorado? Thats right, The north seems to look like it will be tight and close. So Who has the edge?

Kansas: With the Heisman talks of Quarterback Todd Reesing, Missouri Killer Wide Reciever Kerry Meier, and speedy Dezmon Briscoe returning the Jayhawks looks too have the best duo and hook-ups in the Big 12 North. The Defense lloks too be strong, But will have too show a lot in Non Confrence too be able to tell. The Offense looks too be very powerfull. So if the Defense can hold up, Look for Kansas too win the North title and make there first ever Big 12 Championship appearance.

Nebraska: A lot of people doesnt even know where too start when they hear that Nebraska actually has a shot at the Big 12 North. Why? Just like Missouri, They have a new Quarterback in Zac Lee but dont let that fool you. Just like the good ole saying "Defense wins Championships" that saying could very well go good for Nebraska, In fact Nebraska could be returning a defense that could possibly be called one of the best in the Big 12 itself. If Ndamukong Suh can put up numbers like he is capable of doing, He will see his name rise up in the NFL 2010 Mock Draft and could see his team rise up too the top and take the Big 12 North.

Missouri: Just like you read for Nebraska, Missouri will also have a new quarterback in Blaine Gabbert, Dont let his numbers get you excited yet. Yes, He is a 5 Star and a good quarterback that Missouri has not gotten yet. But, The worst case scenario is Gabbert struggles and the young receivers can't make plays or get open. Look for Derrick Washington too expload and Denario Alexander too race his way into the Heisman race. The Offense looks like it can put up some big numbers this year. But, The defense is what should worry Missouri fans, Superstar Sean Weatherspoon looks too lead the way along with Cornerback Carl Gettis. If Missouri can put them big number up on offense and protect them numbers on defense, Than watch out for Missouri too sneak up and win the Big 12 North.

So there you have it the Big 12 North preview. So who is likely to win it?


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