Thursday, January 14, 2010

Missouri on the rise.

If you would have told me after Missouri lost at Vanderbilt and than one week later lost at Oral Roberts that the tigers would beat Texas Tech on the or, or even Kansas State at home I would have told you that your nuts. If you would have asked me what I though, I would have told you to hit the road. But you can blaim the winning tigers on a little note like "Mike Anderson does it again"

Rarely do you see the tigers ever get tossed out of a game by more than ten if even that many. Under Mike Anderson, you will never see the tigers not play hard and will refuse to get beat. With their impressive 2-0 start which marks their best confrence start since 2003, I have one serious question for the Big 12 coaches and the national media. Who in the world picked these Missouri tigers to finish 7th or 8th in the confrence? Thats just unbelievable!

Looking at Missouri's next four games, its a clear shot going into Lawrence to play the Jayhawks on Big Monday in two weeks. Next up is at Oklahoma to take on the 10-6 Sooners who havnt hit their hot streak yet. Than Missouri will head back home against Nebraska, who the tigers rarely never loses at home. Than here they go marching into Lawrence. There is no excuse that the tigers should be 17-3 (4-0) in confrence and in the top 20 going into this game. I wouldn't be suprised if the tigers were picked by some to win this game and really did walk out with the win. The jayhawks clearly do not look that strong and doesnt look like a top 15 team right at the moment.

Looking at the rest of the confrence, and call me a joker but this Missouri team if worked hard enough could win it's very first Big 12 regular season title. With both Kansas and Texas struggling and with both haveing to walk into Columbia along with Texas A&M and Oklahoma State, who else is their to worry about? The toughest comes to the Mizzou Arena this year. Yes, Kansas State will be tough to play in Manhatten but, Mike Anderson will have a lot of confrence game in to be able to have his team ready for the purple and white cats.

I got to catch up with a couple tiger fans after their win against Kansas State, and with top five star recruits Tony Mitchell and Phil Pressey a lot are very excited for whats coming and said that the motto Anderson gave right after he signed his first contract of "I will bring a national title to Missouri" could come a lot sooner than you think, and I believe it. There is another good thing about that motto he gave, he will be a tiger untill he does that. The tigers are good. This isnt the tiger team to say, well if you want an easy win just play the Missouri Tigers. Them days are over. Teams have to fight in order to beat Missouri. When ESPN play-by-play Jay Dvis done the game against Oregon, Jay Davis repeatedly called the Mizzou Arena the woodchipper and who ever walks in, usually walks out with a few bruises. One thing that the tigers have to remember as the season goes on that, they are no longer the team that enters the contest of a "this could be a win, we should beat the tigers. They might upset us, who knows? Well every team knows who the tigers are now, there is no sneaking up from behind on someone. Now the tigers have to play from the git-go and finish the game with a fire in the rear.

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