Monday, February 1, 2010

Missouri continues to improve, Moves into 3rd. Shooting got to imporve.

Texas A&M, you are now on the clock. The Missouri tigers continue to improve but not impressing. Twenty one games in and the tigers are 16-5 (4-2) but dont let the records fool you to much. The tigers who were picked by many to finish 8th-9th in confrence know that the season is not over and to gain their momentume the HAVE to shoot the ball a lot better and play their defense the way its suppose to be played.

The tigers know they can play and win at home. That showed Saturday against Oklahoma State when they probably for the first time this season play a whole 40 minutes of basketball. But on the road they HAVE got to play the full 40 minutes and the players have got to show. Against hatred rivals Kansas, the tigers shot a desperate 19-60 and shot under 30 percent. Thats the worse the tigers have shot all season. Grant Lawrence is very tough to play and not many were predicting a win. Against a bad Oklahoma team in Norman the tigers only shot 23-64. There second worse this season and both were on the road. One main problem for the tigers is getting out rebounded. Their shouldnt be any excuse for that. Both Keith Ramsey and Laurence Bowers are 6'9 and range 3rd-4th biggest men in the confrance. But help is on the way, next season when the tiger fans see the arival on Tony Mitchell.

Looking at the Big 12 stats as they lay today, the tigers have improved bunch after their win Saturday. The tigers are third in scoring on offense and fourth on scoring defense. Thats real impressive so far. But their shooting is poor ranking eith in the league. The three ball is going so well this season as the tigers rank fifth and one of the tops from letting teams shoot the long ball at first in the league of 3pt defense. If they can continue this hot note and shoot the ball better, the tigers can be very dangerous coming up.

In order for the tigers to win on the road against ranked Baylor, all the things such as shooting, rebounding and the key players like Kimmie English, Laurence Bowers, Marcus Denmon, and J.T Tiller must show up and play good. The tigers must have their full court defense clicking which again hasnt done much on the road.

The toughest however remains to be at home. Texas and Kansas are very aware of the damage Missouri is doing at home and their big men will be ready. If Missouri can shoot the ball and play defense the way they do at home with a loud crowd, they can escape with a win with no problem, but doing it is the key.

The tigers have a bright future. They should no doubt be a top three prediction for the Big Tweleve next season and a top fifteen team. Mike Anderson is doing his job and the players have to continue paying his job off, but before looking ahead to a what should be exciting year next season, they must continue and go out with a bang this year and show the media what they did wrong picking the tigers 8th-9th in the Big Tweleve!

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