Monday, April 12, 2010

Things are getting wild in Columbia!

Wow! What a class that the Missouri Basketball team is getting for the 2011-2012 season? Or shall we say, What a job Mike Anderson is doing?
If you live in Columbia or near by Columbia, be ready to hear a loud roar. A roar that probably hasn't been heard of for a while. Missouri currently ranks #11 in the newest ESPN recruiting rankings. After signing #13 player at his position in the nation Tony Mitchell and a top 50 player in Phil Pressey. Missouri fans were happy and ready for next season already, but hold up!

On Sunday April 11Th, there were two highly recruited players who signed on to play for Missouri. That add consist of the #1 Junior College player in the nation Ricardo Ratliffe, who was also looking to jump to the pros this year, but rather stay in school for better chances. Also added was another sharp shooter in Matt Pressey.

Now Missouri fans have more on the list of an off-season that they just cannot wait to be over! I know as a die-hard Missouri fan I have NEVER seen a class as good as this one since the days of maybe Gilbert and Rush, and that's pushing it. As MU fans we should probably expect to win the Big 12 next year. I think there are two large areas of concern that may/may not derail those expectations.

This team didn't only get 100 percent more talented but also 100 percent more depth. this could be the deepest bench in the Big 12 next year perhaps one of the top in the nation. Our scoring woes from last year are covered. We had the Defense just not the scoring to support it at times. Pressey, Mitchell, Ratliffe could easily add 40 points a game between the three. It will be exciting next year prepare for some high flying dunks and fast break madness.

This is the kind of team that we need to build up for our first ever Final Four. This team can do it! By and large I think we'll be vastly improved offensively. Our three best offensive players all return and are at the career development point that you would expect a large jump in terms of consistency and effectiveness.

Having low post options will only improve them. This will almost surely be our deepest and most talented team under Anderson. The options we have and the waves of talent we'll be able to throw at people is almost frightening. Its a good position to be in. We've been characterized in that past as a sum greater than its parts that is largely successful by sharing the ball and playing harder than the opposition. It will be interesting to see if that dynamic shifts to a degree this season. But like I said I think the Big 12 is ours to lose next year at this point.

I cannot see any team top to bottom more established with experience,depth, and talent in the Big 12 next year. I'm just in shock right now how quickly the Rattliffe transaction took place. Two weeks ago we were asking why Coach Mike Anderson wasn't going after him. Anyone that hasn't seen Ratliffe play are in for a treat. He is like Ramsey but a ton more talent and a natural scorer. Blocks well plays smart and Rebounding machine. Giving up Stone for him is a no brainer.

So Missouri fans should be very excited and impatient for this 2011-2012 season to approach. But first things are first we must all wait but trust me, it will be worth it.

Way to early Big 12 Predictions.
1. Kansas (Until the can be beat, they deserve a #1 spot)
2. Missouri
3. Kansas State
4. Baylor
5. Texas A&M
6. Texas
7. Oklahoma State
8. Colorado
9. Iowa State
10. Nebraska
11. Oklahoma
12. Texas Tech

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