Monday, April 19, 2010

Oregon came calling. Anderson stayed home.

Hey man, have you heard about Mike Anderson and Oregon? Oh no, whats happening? I guess Oregon is attacking him and Anderson is listening. No way!

It's true. Thursday night the University of Missouri gave Oregon permission to have contact with Missouri coach Mike Anderson in El Paso, Texas at a Nolan Richardson Golf invitational.

The Oregon Ducks offered Mike Anderson a $3 Million a year contract to become the next Oregon University Ducks coach. Thats more than what Missouri is paying him. Anderson like before turned down the job to stay in Columbia to coach with the tigers.

For the second year in a row since Missouri won their first Big 12 Championship and advanced to the Elite Eight Mike Anderson had declined big time money from big time programs. Starting from Memphis, Georgia, Alabama, and now Oregon. This, my friend means Anderson wants to be a tiger. He doesnt care about the money right at the moment. There is only one thing Mike Anderson is shooting for at Missouri and thats exactly what he said when he got hired at the press conferance. "I will bring home a National Title, before i'm said and done with Mizzou"

Just a while back their were talks about Mike Anderson leaving Missouri for Arkansas but later on were discoverd there werent any contact between the two schools.

Some Missouri fans have even been caught being mad at Mike Anderson for such a little phase in listening to Oregon. But seriously, what coach in College Baskateball from Roy Williams, Bill Self, and among other greats would not listen to a program who are offering big bucks? I know I would, if I were a coach.

I tell you what, if you would have told me in 2006 the day Missouri hired Mike Anderson that Missouri in two years would make the Elite Eight and win the Big 12 Championship and have the #10 recruiting class in the nation a year later, I would have told you that there is no way it would take Mike Anderson that quick to do that. In fact, after Anderson's first two seasons at Missouri he was put on ESPN'S pre-season hot seat list. But that all turned away after Anderson's Elite Eight run. But at the end Mike Anderson admitted all that did was get him closer to the University of Missouri. He know's where his heart is, and thats at the University of Missouri.

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